Free Decal

*We have now added this American Flag Decal as a product for anyone who missed out on the July promotion.
9/30/11 - [UPDATE]

Hello Fans!

As many of you are curious as to the status of your requested American Flag Decal, we would like to let you in on what's been going on in the Studio...

A few months ago, we found ourselves with surplus materials and decided to set them aside for a special project. We anticipated about 1500-2000 flag decals could be made with our supply. Well, as it turns out, we received over 18,000 requests for the decal! Yikes!!

So as you might imagine, supplies didn't last long. As the flag supply ran low, we authorized even more material to be allocated to this promotion to satisfy as many requests as possible. Unfortunately, after sending out several thousand (well over our original supply), we've decided we must discontinue the promotion. For now...

We're sorry if you did not receive the Flag decal at this time. If/When we have more surplus and can run another promo for these, (maybe next year?) those who have already submitted requests will be at the top of the mailing list to receive one.

Thanks for your understanding. We are proud of all our men and women in uniform! Sincerely,

~Accent Studios


A HUGE "Thank You" to everyone who has liked us and signed up to receive a free decal.

While we expect to have surpassed our supply, we could not deny our fans the opportunity to receive this great deal.

So, for now, we must discontinue the freebie giveaway.

We will be working hard over the next several weeks to get these shipped out to you until our supply is exhausted. But who's to say there won't be another one someday?

Feel free to check out our other wall decals or visit our Facebook page for more info.

We are working hard to make sure that everyone who 'liked' us on Facebook receives a decal. Many of you have already gotten your decal and some have not. If you haven't received one yet, most likely, it is on the way. If after the 5-10 week time frame you still have not received your decal, it is due to one or more of the following reasons:

1. We could not verify your address or it was submitted incorrectly.
(ex. it was missing the zip code and/or city)

 2. You submitted your info but your "like" could not be verified.
(ex. your submitted name was different than your Facebook name)

3. Well, we all know how well USPS works sometimes... ;-P

Unfortunately, because of the thousands of requests we received for this deal, if you happen to fall into one of these categories we will not be able to resend you a Free Flag Decal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

~Accent Studios~