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This simple branch is elegant and tasteful. You will feel like an artist in no time!

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  1. branches 4

    Posted by on 17th May 2012

    a few small gripes: this particular design was a bit trickier to apply than i had hoped, but directions helped. one complaint not specific to this design; the color "persimmon" i selected for the branches is a vibrant orange. the color portrayed by my monitor is more of the burnt orange one would expect from a name like persimmon.
    overall it is the beautiful design that was expected, and it was delivered on time. i will be ordering again.

    p.s. the code needed to complete this post is totally unreadable. after incorrectly deciphering the code it deleted my message and provided me with second worthless code, awesome.

  2. Booyah Branches! 5

    Posted by on 25th Jun 2011

    Since I live in California, I wanted something on the wall behind my kingsize bed that would not shake loose in a quake. When I saw the number and variety of decals from Accent Studios, I knew I would find something beautiful. I've been to many online sites that offer decals but they couldn't show me what my decal, in my color choices, would look like. When I unpacked it, it looked exactly like it was shown on my screen. I chose dark brown for the branch and olive for the flowers (for an organic feel) and it looks spectacular! My husband, who is not a "flower person", thinks it looks beautiful. Now, every time I walk into my bedroom I'm greeted with this beautiful sight. Thanks, AS.

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