Spade Tree Wall Decal

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  • Spade Tree Wall Decals
  • Spade Tree Wall Decals
  • Spade Tree Wall Decals
  • Spade Tree Wall Decals
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Sometimes things just look better when they’re younger. For instance, puppies are much cuter than dogs, kittens more than cats (be they house cats or jungle cats), babies more than get the idea. This Tree Wall Decal is one of those cute ones. This decal is reminiscent of tree just beginning to sprout with just five leaves. It can lend to your home or even workspace a sense of vitality and growth. Brighter colors can also add to the effect and give it a Spring-timey feel. After all, who doesn’t like Spring? (Unless you have severe allergies, of course....)

-For helpful videos and wall decal installation instructions please visit our How-To page.
-For other general wall decal questions try our FAQ page.

Spade Tree Wall Decal comes with:
  -Trunk and 5 large spade leaves
  -Simple Install instructions
  -Application squeegee
  -Free practice wall decals

  -High quality matte vinyl (for a paint like finish) with
   a paint friendly adhesive that won't harm your walls,
   so they stay on the wall until ready to be removed.

NOTE: Spade Tree wall decal may ship in sections, depending on the size. The spade leaves will come grouped. You will need to simply cut them out and place them where you want on the tree trunk.

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