Umbrella Tree Wall Decal

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  • Umbrella Tree Wall Decals
  • Umbrella Tree Wall Decals
  • Umbrella Tree Wall Decals
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Tree Wall Decals for any occasion and decor! This Tree Wall Decal’s simplicity of design is one of its more endearing qualities, providing a fun accent to your wall. It comes with two types of leaves, one being large and veined and the other much smaller, as if just sprouting. The two sizes of leaves give the appearance of a tree in late spring, not yet fully robed in its summertime garb. This decal is sure to be what you need to put that extra accent to your home and bring a little vitality to it all. Indeed, it’s little touches like this Tree Wall Decal that turn your house into a beautiful home.

-For helpful videos and wall decal installation instructions please visit our How-To page.
-For other general wall decal questions try our FAQ page.

Umbrella Tree Wall Decal comes with:
  -Trunk and two sets of leaves
  -Simple Install instructions
  -Application squeegee
  -Free practice wall decals

  -High quality matte vinyl (for a paint like finish) with
   a paint friendly adhesive that won't harm your walls,
   so they stay on the wall until ready to be removed.

NOTE: Umbrella Tree wall decal has a longer trunk with branches that pread in either direction toward the top. Because it is tall, it will ship in sections. These sections will have numbered guide markings to help easily line them up again. The leaves will be grouped together by color. The set of leaves with the veins will have transfer tape, and the other set will not, and can be peeled by hand from the backing paper and applied to the wall like a sticker. You may trim down the trunk if needed for a better fit on your wall space.

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